Friday, October 24, 2008

Apron Card

I made this cute lil Apron Card back in Jan 08, for my pals Kitchen Tea - i just found the picture again ( i thought i had lost it) so i thought id share with you all.

Monday, October 20, 2008

ATC's for October

I thought id quickly post a picture of the ATC's i made for this month, the swap was hosted by Penny over at Scrapbooking 4 Less and the theme is "Floral".

Dreadful Adventure

Well we are back from our holiday and i think it would have to have been one of the worst Ive taken in a long long long time. To start the experience off, Our son screamed for about 2 hours out of the 4 hours in the car, when we got to the holiday house i was chased by a massive moth ( i hate bugs!!!!!)then had to sleep in a double bed that felt like the mattress was over 50 years old and smelt really musty, and the bed head smashed against the wall every time you moved, and i was moving alot trying to keep springs out of my back and butt -- so i woke up from my 2 hours walking like i was about 90 years old... We went to do groceries on Saturday, and went to the beach, Obie hated the ocean and screamed like a maniac when we took him in, so we spent an hour or so building sand castles and chasing sea gulls, came home and find that our dog charlie had dug his way out of the fenced back yard and was running around the very busy street -yikes! Sunday was another day of walking around for the first few hours of the day like i was 90, but we decided to go to the Dog Friendly beach so we could take Charlie, he isn't friendly so he was growling and barking at all the other dogs running around with out leashes on, Obie hated this beach as well, so after a few altercations with large dogs, we decided it was time to go home. Monday - Went out for Breakfast with my brother, pancakes!! Tuesday -- Hubby got food poisoning and was raining, so we stayed in watching DVDs Wednesday - I got food poisoning and it was raining, by this time my back was so stuffed from the mattress i could hardly walk, so no sleep and more DVDs Thursday- Still suffering from the food poisoning, hubby went fishing with my dad and caught a flathead, then we drove home. So, it was one of those holidays id like to forget that i took, I'm just starting to feel better after the food poisoning, and i will never ever be able to eat what i suspect was the culprit again!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Off on a Seaside Adventure

Just thought i would post a quick message, im heading out tonight on a well deserved break! 6 nights by the seaside with my hubby and son, and also my parents and my brother. The last time we had a family vacation was when i was 16, so i rekon its time! I wont be posting again till Friday the 17th, so im hoping to have some lovely beach pics to share, with you guys. Bye for now!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

October Card Swap

I made this card for the October Card Swap over at Its white card stock, vintage paper doily, vintage white ribbon and pearls. I think its a very elegant crisp card, and im hoping that Beccy likes the card.

Design Team Application

I just sent in my Application to be part of Scrapbooking 4 Less's 2009 Design Team. Ive never applied to be on a Design Team before, but i thought id apply to be on Shelley's Design Team, as the forum is a great place to hang out. The amount of challenges, swaps, classes and chatter that goes on in the forum is great. All the ladies are really nice and its great to be able to share my "masterpeices" with people who also love to create -- instead of shoving into my husbands face and almost screaming WHAT DO YOU THINK, lol. I have to wait till November before applications close, so the next few weeks will just drag and drag -- although im lucky enough to be going away to the beach at the end of this week for 6 nights, so that will keep my mind occupied for a little while at least.

Monday, October 6, 2008

I call her Maureen

I think this pennant is just super cool! I made her for a Chinese Whispers challenge over at . The rules were to create a layout ( i didnt really feel like doing a traditional scrapbook page) and to take 4 elements from the previous layout and use them in your layout.... I took Scalloped Paper, Patterned Paper, Small Circles and Ribbons from Brens Layout. The lady who ive called Maureen, was cut out from an original 1930's Newspaper advertisment for womens dresses! I am in love with her...